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A Walk in the Woods

Following on our very successful (but cold and sleety) trip to the Botanic Gardens back in November, a group of us visited the beautiful gardens and grounds again in May to see things in all their spring glory.

This was a collaborative event with Women+ in Green, a perfect mix of amazing ladies from a variety of industries. We even had a professor of Astronomy from Carnegie Mellon who is leading the Dark Skies movement in Pittsburgh, and lives on 8 acres of land in a tiny house!

Lori Fitzgerald from Botswick Design Partnership was there to lead the group around. She talked about the history of the site and some of the structures, both existing and new. The firm she was with prior, Margittai Architects, worked on the Learning Pavilion and the Barn Renovation. The barn was open this time so we were able to see the amazing wood ceiling.

There were also a few designers from Terra Design who talked specifically about the design of The Garden of the Five Senses.

We walked pretty much all over the landscape and it was a lovely, relaxing time. Since our event was for all ages, the kids who attended played in the gnome village. We talked a lot about pollinators and saw polywogs in the lake! A little something for everyone.

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