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Antiracism Discussion Prompts

We had such rich conversations last week, we didn't nearly cover all of the discussion questions we pulled together. We're posting them here to encourage further conversations in your life with your friends, family, and coworkers. Keep us posted on how these progress and what else would help support you going forward.

Many of these prompts came from Ibram Kendi's brilliant book, How to Be an Antiracist, which we will revisit many times over the coming weeks and months. We highly recommend diving in (when you can get your hands on a copy!), but also giving yourself time to digest the valuable lessons within. The publisher has also provided a handy discussion guide and further reading suggestions.

  1. How have the events of the past few weeks (since George Floyd's murder) affected you?

  2. Why do you think the George Floyd case of filmed police brutality was different than others in leading to the momentum behind the current antiracist movement?

  3. During this time, have you participated in a conversation about race that influenced the way you think about the world in a new way?

  4. In “How to be an Antiracist” Kendi compares racism and cancer. What do you think of this comparison? Can you identify comparisons between racism and the coronavirus pandemic?

  5. Have you experienced a heightened awareness of the need to be an ally for racial justice? What does that mean to you?

  6. What responsibilities do we as designers have to advocate for racial justice? How do we incorporate that into our work?

  7. What do you think the W+iD community can and should do to support efforts towards racial equity in Pittsburgh (recognizing that we are largely a white population)?

  8. What are some tangible next steps? What is the first step you, personally, will take in striving to be an antiracist? How will you check yourself and hold yourself accountable if you notice you, or someone else, is being racist?

  9. Kendi believes we can defy the odds, heal society of racism, and create an antiracist society. Do you? Why is hope so central to the antiracist movement?

Add discussion questions in the comments that have particularly helped you have these difficult conversations in your life.

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