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ICYMI: Virtual Mentoring

In Case You Missed It!

Here are some of the things we discussed at our first Virtual Mentoring Session (04/02/2020):

  • The different types of virtual tools, their capabilities, and specifics.

  • Benefits of virtual mentoring- including the lack of commute, and the ability to reach across different time zones.

  • The importance of establishing your “operating procedure” - what time do you usually meet, what video conferencing tool - and stick to it!

  • Respect each other’s time! Try to stick to your chosen start and end time when you meet.

  • Treating it like a business, how to prepare and how to look professional.

  • Different types of mentoring and the benefits of one-on-one versus group mentoring.

  • Establishing your personal “board of directors”

  • Finding mentorship from different angles, whether it’s a different style of mentoring or a different/adjacent profession. W+ID is made up of many microcosms of women in the workplace, who may be working in different fields but share many of the same experiences.

  • The value of peer-to-peer partnerships, where you have similar responsibilities, but can share (and compare) your work cultures, compensation, etc.

  • And last but not least, we closed the presentation with tips on how to reach out - particularly at a time when there is higher digital traffic (like email), a personal call is particularly beneficial.


Cassandra Osterman, AIA

Associate - PWWG

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